I don’t like my obsession
With a personal connection,
And it doesn’t help
That you’re always there
And knowing that you’ll readily hear
Anything I have to say about anything
And then just nod and smile, and make me
Want to kiss you.

I don’t like it.

Nor do I like the indistinguishable psych-
Ology of yours that I don’t yet know,
And so I cannot show
Myself whether or not you are someone
Worthy of being kissed.
I just want to kiss you.

I blame hormones.
Sweet, wonderful, hormones that would inexplicably
Make me happy
just by being that near your face.
Which is a very personal place
to be,
you next to me.
And, if I cursed, I would send those hormones
Where fire meets pain
Into the land I shall not name.
But I don’t, I won’t, and instead they’ll haunt
Thoughts of you.
Flooding through.
Because that’s what those irreverent hormones do,
Poison my mind.
No, I am not fine.
You’re stuck on a loop
And no matter what hoop
I jump through
It’s always just you
And your eyes
And your lips
And I just want to kiss them.
But I can’t.
And we shan’t.
Because I only know you from the little truths you told
And my little mind made mold
That shaped you into perfection
With every little section
And the heart of the matter is still unknown,
From the little you’ve shown.

So our lips remain apart.
Because that is me being smart.
Protecting me,
Protecting you,
But oh what I wouldn’t do
To kiss those lips.


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