On the positive side.

I’m gonna be positive, because my bitter angry mood about life annoys people, and it annoys me.


To the max.

Wherein lie these positives?

I don’t have a car, but I have FEET. That’s right. Feet. I can flippin walk. Down the street. Like a boss.

I don’t have a job, but I have FOOD and SHELTER. You know why? Cuz I have the most bomb-diggity parents ever.

(Yeah…I don’t know why I decided slang Catherine is happy Catherine…)

I don’t have a significant other, and my longest relationship only lasted three days, but you know what, I have FAMILY, and two of the most amazing nieces who smackdown on me like pro-wrestlers to keep me from leaving their house, because they love me that much.

So yeah, I got problems. I got troubles. I got things that make me want to huddle in my bed and cry until the whole world gets better….

but I also have Cinnamon Rolls. 

So I can survive. 

– Cdukulele




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