Out-of-line Dating.

Nope. It still hurts.

It was definitely too soon
to jump into that ruin,
which in itself can probably be nice,
but right now I need real life.

Can’t handle the expectations,
all without many regulations,
so the heart just keeps getting trampled,
all while you feel like you’re being sampled,
and people are like:
“Is this what I want? Let me judge, judge and flaunt. No, I don’t like that stuff, well I’ve had enough, move on.”

Then I do it too.
See, I learn from you.
Your habits kind of rub off on me.
Then I’m judging by guessing and vague notions of reality.

Loving, no.
Thinking, so,
so much.

Unkind cookie cutter thinking that in a blinking
washes souls away and divides into who I will and will not
play this game of trying to love with,
like a sieve.

And love should not be a game
for the strong or the lame.
We should not compete
to see if we are complete
enough by ourselves
or if we need someone to tell
who we are,
because what we are
is loved.

That’s how it should be.
Loving, and you loving me.
Live that reality.
Stop looking for someone to love and just love someone. Everyone.
Love them like they are a person worthy of love. Yes it’s enough.

Don’t search and be curt and cause people hurt because you want “love”.
Don’t please and inspire and set hearts on fire because you need their “love”.
Don’t say and do whatever you can, pretend that you are the perfect man, try to complete any life long plan, because of “love”.

Honestly be. Honestly see. Honestly get to know me…and then, maybe you can be, in “love”…but first you have to really Love.

————————————————————————–short comment—————————————————————————
Yeah, I used the word “love” a lot. The English language is a bit deficient in the words for “love” category. Still, I hope you enjoyed it and got the point. Or got something out of it.
I’m emotionally hurting a bit right now, so I wrote. If ya have any questions, or loving, friendly comments, feel free to add them below. It’d be nice to hear from you. Hear how you like my poetry. Hear how confused you are. Hear about my grammar errors (Ha. You wouldn’t do that to me, would ya? …Except, please do, if you are seriously distracted and confused by something. For that would imply that you deeply read and analyzed my poetry, and that’s a compliment in itself).



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