Out like a …

Well that’s over.
The storm of love.
Gone in an instant.
Dies out without hardly anyone to notice.
Nobody at the funeral.
Oddly there’s a flower growing from the grave.
A song I managed to slip in.
Managed to get some creativity out of that torrent of emotion.
I will miss… Not that.
But it gives me something to look forward to.
Half of something to look forward to.
Look forward to loving words coming from the mouth of someone who really loves. Someone who’s had time to consider whether they actually like me.
Someone who can be a little chill about things.
I do not look forward to any of those mistakes ever being repeated again.
I happily shudder away from those.
It was cute. Then it was terrifying.
Gone without even smoke to remind of it’s existence.
Maybe we can just be friends.
Or maybe you’ll try to fall in love with “loving” me again.


…So much for time.


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