Here goes the soul baring.

So. Him. We’ll talk about him now.

I wish HIM was God.
I like talking about God.
God loves me.
Thinks I’m beautiful.
Loves even my imperfections.
Only wants me to change what I can out of love.
Loving change. To love more.
He doesn’t mind if I am physically broken.
He let’s me say things in my own time.
He loves my voice, and I love his.
I don’t have to worry about when I’ll talk to him next.
Or whether I don’t want to talk.
He’s loving. He’s beautiful. He loves me.
I don’t ever have to worry about loving him too much. Liking him too much. Hurting his feelings.
He loves me and comforts me and he knows exactly what I need and what to say.
He doesn’t hurt me.
Not on accident or on purpose.
He allows me to be free to love.
Doesn’t overbear. Doesn’t pressure. Doesn’t smother with love and affection that you don’t want to lose.
Because you can never lose it.
Being in a relationship with God will never hurt you.
You might hurt you while in that relationship.
But he will never hurt you.
Okay, so instead of talking about the guy I talked about “The Big Guy”.
Because….He’s easier to talk about. I’d much rather talk about him.
I understand my relationship with him much better than any relationship with men.
Suffice to say, this guy business, that consists of me being distracted, also consists of me being very uncertain.
I’m hoping time will help.
 I’ll write a poem.
– cd

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