Letter to an Enemy

Dear Loneliness,

I hate you. Go away and die. Go to some dark recess of the world and dig a hole and die in it! NOW! GO GO GO GO GO!

Fine. I suppose you have as much right to exist as Love, and you too might even compliment each other. Love making people enjoy each other’s company, and you making them realize how much they missed that enjoyment.

I, however, do not need or want you LONELINESS. My relationships that deal with Love do not need you. You only exist in my relationships that don’t exist. The relationships that never happened in the first place. The ones I merely wanted to happen. You’re all over the place there. Reminding me of what I never had to begin with, reminding me of what I want and might not ever have.

You’re a jerk. You know that?

Constantly taunting me. Refusing to let me rejoice in other people’s happiness. Letting me only reflect on the negative aspects of life.

Well, I’m done with you. It’s over. I hope you enjoy life by yourself, because I’m never taking you back.


                   Learning to Love.



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