Cookie Monster on my hand, attack attack attack.
Crocodile chewing on the cookie man, back back back!
Little kids happy as screaming monkeys,
Little cute kids, aka chocolate eating junkies.
I almost got one to sing a song,
Then the others starting yelling and got it wrong.
Stuffed dragon saved Cookie, vegan dragon Monster
Only ate grass, and what else, I wonder?

At some point we calmed down, and I read them all a book.
“Sheep on a ship”, it had an interesting look.
The sheep all crashed, but none of them died,
They made a handy little raft on the side.
Little kids watched, little kids listened,
Little kid kept talking to her neighbor and got repositioned.
Little kids answered questions when asked,
And when I finished reading, in a surprise applause I was  basked.

The end


I volunteer in a classroom.

– cdukulele


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