Without direction

I have grown lazy of late.
Instead of stretching 
I grow tired and wait
Until the very last moment ere I go to bed,
Then I flex a few muscles and lie down my head.
Morning routines have been completely forgotten.
The exercise bike might as well be rotten.
My body still aches, but I sleep so much
That I’ve avoided the hours of desk sitting that hurt my nerves such.
So that’s what I do. I sleep and I lie. I read books and I sup, and I sit and I sigh.
I have enough money to get me through June,
But time grows short, I feel I’ll need some plan soon.
Mom wants to baby me. Dad seems like I should be employed. Not from flat out statements, just a general air of being annoyed.
That air, of course, seems to follow older siblings too. The ones who stare and quiz me on what I’m going to do.
I have a go to answer, for when I’m in a bind, I mention teaching and how I’m going to call the sub office, when I get the time.
Odd how that time never seems to come… I really don’t want to just be thrown in a classroom to replace someone.
You see, though I am quite intelligent, and know a lot of things, I do not have experience with authoritative teaching.
I really would rather avoid it. Especially since my ankle still hurts. And my leg sometimes too.
I wish I knew where the line between lazy and valid pain drew….
Lately…I’ve grown tired, unhappy, sad. Lonely, listless.

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