My sister is engaged.

My sister is so cute,
And look at her boo!
He’s happy as a clam!
And because of their happiness, you know, I think I am!

Oh look at them,
He’s hugging her,
She’s hugging him.
Okay they are together an awful lot, but you know, they’re in love, so love they’ve got.

Okay. I get it. You’re in love.
Yeah yeah yeah, he’s great, yea yea yea, you’re acting like turtle doves.
Want to talk about something else, or do something beside
Sit on the couch for hours and hide
from the world?

You know, I don’t have a fiancee. Or a boyfriend, or even a friend,
But I get it, you REALLY love each other.
But do you really have to smother
Each other with kisses while I’m in the room?
and then swoon
at the little love pecks,
I mean, what the heck?
Just stop for a minute! A second! A half.
Seriously. If it weren’t so annoying I’d laugh.

All right. I’m over this.
I’m not even going to go “awww” when you kiss.
I’m going to glare. That’s right. And stare.
With glowering eyes of anger and just a little tear.

“Oh, is this too much? Should we stop?” You gigglingly ask,
and you pause for a moment, but that moment does pass,
then you giggle again and act like two bubbling kids.



Heaven forbid that you would spend just one hour apart,
Oh no! Goodness gracious! It’s breaking your heart!

Something seems to have gotten through.
You still show affection, but there’s a bit of discretion too.
Perhaps it was all my glowers and sneers,
Perhaps they’ve caused you to mature a few years?
Okay. You’re almost cute again.
BUT BE CAREFUL, or a frown will replace this grin.



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