New message.

I got a new message
and I thought it was from you
And I was so so excited, you have no clue.
But I had to wait to read it, wait for time to pass,
My father was telling a story that he couldn’t tell too fast.
When he finished speaking, I had understood but a word,
my mind was so distracted by the sound of you I heard.
Oh! The promise of communication lingered so near,
From a friend that I had held so dear.

Then I finally saw it, and prepared to open it up
The promised message from you, to fill my empty cup.
I opened it, and read, and quickly realized
This was not from you, the message before my eyes.
I swallowed my regret.
I tried to wash away my fears
That we were friends no longer.
I hoped we’d endure for years.
But we haven’t spoken in ages,
And I miss you like the Sun
When winter’s here and clouds roll by,
And I’m alone, just one.
Will you please be my friend again?
Will I be yours?
Time heals all wounds they say…
But what about scars?


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