Psssssh. I don’t obsess over people.

I wrote a new poem a couple days ago, I’ve be averaging three poems every couple of days or so, and I was going to post it on here.

It was extremely specific as far as guy names were concerned, and very “love-complainy”, and I thought that if I just put it here none of the guys I wrote about would ever know about it.

But first I read it to my sister, because of my many sisters there is one that went through NA and had a crazy backstory and I knew wouldn’t judge me in the least for any of my crazy love ramblings.¬† I read it, and she loved it, and then she told me to go read it at open mic night. OPEN MIC NIGHT, where I met four of the ten guys I mention in my poem…So, I’m conflicted, and thus I didn’t put the poem up here, and I’m just waiting for Thursday to come so I can see what happens.

So, how crazy obvious do you have to be about a guy before he gets freaked out?

And how freaky is it that I keep writing poems about guys? Not freaky at all, right? RIGHT!

But you didn’t know how obsessive I was, did you? You just thought I was writing cute little romance poems. Well, SURPRISE, they are based off my actual thoughts and communications with the opposite sex. I like guys. Guys rock.

I only ever dated a guy once.
Isn’t that sad?
But I think I realized something, the reason for my obsessive guy love, you know, a reason besides hormones and the fact that guys are beautiful and nice. I think I am excessively obsessed with guys because then it’s super easy for me to rattle off a love poem about it. Then I rattle off the poem, get all those crazy love emotions out, and I feel better for a bit. So, I feel things super deeply so that I can write about it. Maybe. I dunno. That’s one of my theories at least.

Okay, well, hope you enjoyed this odd little note on my life.

Is it too soon to say I love you?


– cdukulele



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