Nothing more.


Like…like why?
I am completely lost and puzzled and acting like a fool
And totally trying to play it cool,
But I can’t stand it anymore.
I can’t handle this unsettled score.
My cheeks burn and I toss and turn
At night
Because I just think about
And how much you confuse me,
And if that’s so then this can’t be healthy
Because you’re just thinking about being happy,
And I’m trying to figure out what makes you tick.
And then I get sick
And my cheeks burn
Because it’s harder to learn
Than to just be happy.
I play so many mind games and you have no clue,
Cuz you’re just being you,
And I’m just jig saw-puzzled in every direction.
I think I need some correction,
Will an illuminating path please shine?
Show the line
To follow
Because you swallow
Me whole
In all you do
I’m lost for you
And this can’t go on.
This. This. What is this?
Just talking.
But what are we?
Just friends.
But I want so much more that!
Just opening the door on friendship,
And I look for kinship,
                                   Marry me?
I’ve gone crazy!
You must agree.
Agree and run away again
Like all the other boy-minded men
Because you’re playing with fire
Which you don’t even know,
Just talking to your friend.

Because that’s all I am to him.


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