The present of you.

So I was crying
And taking little pleasure in what felt like dying,
life, with all the problems and closed doors and paths with fallen tree stumps everywhere,
and I didn’t care,
except it really hurt.

Then I mustered up some courage, and crawled out of my deep well of self pity,
and walked into the light of an artistic music city,
and I got a small hint, a glint of hope,
and I wandered into public, waiting and sitting, done with the mope.
Then you bubbled in, and the strength that was wearing thin
grew a little stronger, and I felt I could go on longer, having just the hope of you.
I wonder if you have the slightest clue of what you do?
I suppose not, but still I have got to give my thanks, because despite whatever ranks or qualifications one may have or may not, with a smile and a word, mightier than the sword, you gave me hope.Thank you.


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