Just a note…

So my laptop is broken, and has been broken for a while, and so I’ve been writing down thoughts and some poems in journals. Then I wait for whoever is using the family computer to stop using it. Then I have a whole bunch of pieces of poems and ideas written in a notebook, and I try to put them in the computer, but sometimes I run out of time and also realize that all the stuff I wrote in my notebook isn’t complete. Also, it’s apparently November and that has something to do with writing a new post every day? So if my thoughts are incomplete or unrelated or my poems seemed rushed, I have no excuse because as a writer I should get over that. But I’m pretending I have an excuse. Also, if you read something I write and you like it or have something to say about it, will you PLEASE SAY SOMETHING!???? It makes me feel less alone in the world, and maybe it will make you feel less alone too, because I will totally respond.

Thank you for reading my random thoughts and poems. I appreciate it.

– cdukulele



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2 responses to “Just a note…

  1. I always feel rushed.. Ill be in the car or in bed and come up with something. It sucks to feel like my thoughts are never complete. your not alone! Just keep writing and sharing your thoughts!! Your being heard:)

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