That poisionous bug called Love.

Dear Perfect Guy,

Stop being so freakin adorable.

I cannot like you.
So stop making me like you.

I think we should stop being friends, because I hate how seeing you makes me bubble over with happiness about something I can never have.

Why doesn’t an attractive guy my age ever walk up to me and say “Hey, wanna go chill and make pancakes and listen to records together?” I would say yes to that.

And where are the beautiful normal, funny, intelligent, interesting guys my age?

I’d like to meet one. I’d like to talk to him in person.
I’d like to sip coffee in a coffee shop with him and discuss life and music and ukuleles.
I hate that the maturity level of someone I want to date is too many years distant from my own age.
Age isn’t just a number people.

Maybe we can just be friends that sit together and drink coffee and listen to records together.
Of course, you probably think I’m creepy.


                Obsessed Ukulele Girl Who Just wants to talk to you ALL THE TIME.



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2 responses to “That poisionous bug called Love.

  1. gaydtla

    This is a wonderful post! It made my day. Somehow the most adorable ones seem to be Leos.

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