I’m a romantic.

If you haven’t noticed,
I have a very romantic mind.
Every glance from a passing stranger blossoms into a Romeo and Juliet love story in my mind, and when someone actually talks to me our words are the sonnets of two lovers, just waiting for their love to be declared openly to all.
It makes for a very depressing reality, because, while my mind envisions flowers and bird songs and anticipates my true love’s arrival at any moment, anticipates my beloved’s footsteps just outside the door, ready to meet me and save me from the dreary reality of my life, the real world continues on being just as dreary as it was before.

But it also creates stuff like this: You inspire me.

True, my romantic vision of cupids playing harps on little clouds of love while I sail off into the sunset with my knight in shining armor is probably not going to happen. Yet my little spark of hope still remains. It may not be healthy, it’s not exactly realistic, and I might have a problem…but I think it’s a nice problem to have.


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