Soul Trauma

Yesterday I was miserable.

I had lost my grasp on reality.

I didn’t understand how I was ever happy.

This morning I woke up, and I was inexplicably changed.

I think I might be deranged.

I was content, I wasn’t questioning everything,

I accepted being.

The only difference between the two times is the sun and a prayer.

I prayed for happiness, the sun came up, and suddenly something more like happiness, less like misery, was there.

I do not understand it.

But now I am afraid, no actual substantial difference was made, there is no reason for me to be content, but I am.

So I fear that when the sun goes down, I will be miserable again.

Life will lose its meaning, I will question truth and life,

and I am by no means ready again for misery to be rife.

So I’ll hope….and I’ll keep praying….but I still can’t shake that fear…that it’s near.



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